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Brian Tash


Every client has very different needs and goals. As an intensely goal-oriented individual, Brian is exhilarated by the pursuit of client satisfaction. As a Realtor, Brian makes it his mission to get to know each client and help focus the entire process on factors that will help them truly realize their goals while buying or selling a home. He views his interactions with his clientele as more than transactions revolving around a property; he devotes time into cultivating and maintaining relationships with individuals to truly offer a higher level of service, offering a thoughtfully considered approach to achieving each specific goal.

Born and raised in the St. Louis Area, Brian stayed true to his roots and attended University of Missouri-Columbia for his college education where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance.

Brian knows a few things about buying/selling a home. As a homeowner and landlord, Brian knows the process can be frustrating venture which allows him to commit to easing any anxiety a client may have about the process. Demonstrating a great deal of patience, Brian strives to relieve his clients from any stress or pressure that transactions can potentially cause.

Brian feels the best part about working as a Realtor is breaking down those needs for each individual client and finding a solution. As a lifelong St. Louisan, he thoroughly enjoys all the area has to offer. Each county, municipality and neighborhood has its own makeup and that is what makes St. Louis such a great place to live. Brian knows the landscape of St. Louis; it takes a true professional to know each pocket of every neighborhood to allow the client to make an informed decision.

His goal throughout a transaction is to build and maintain a level of trust and rapport that cannot be broken. There is something to be said about this level of trust in a Realtor and no other industry can compare. Because there is so much emotion tied up in buying or selling a home, it is his job to streamline the process so even the smallest detail is addressed and satisfied. Brian is always on his client’s side and is not happy unless the client is happy, it’s that simple.



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