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Irina Wagner


Originally from Eastern Ukraine and raised in California from age 16, Irina decided to call St. Louis home after meeting her husband, a St. Louis native, while serving in the U.S. Army.

After a few service-related relocation experiences of their own, Irina and her husband permanently returned to St. Louis in 2014, where she immediately focused on building a successful career in real estate.

Being a multilingual person, Irina prides herself on having extensively traveled the States while she attended Spartan College of Aeronautics (Tulsa, OK) and graduated at the top of her class and continued her quest of higher education at the elite Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Prescott, AZ).

Irina’s military experience coupled with a successful career as an Aircraft Quality Control Inspector has provided a skill set ranging from strong problem solving to keen attention to detail and the ability to flawlessly manage complex business transactions.

At the same time Irina’s #1 focus is her clients! Because there is nothing more personal than choosing where to call home, Irina brings a strong, people-first approach to all she does. Having been on the other side of the transaction as a customer, Irina knows exactly how overwhelming the process of selling or buying a home may be; therefore, Irina ensures her clients are fully educated, have clear expectations and have received all the tools necessary to make an educated decision with what may be one of the biggest investments to them.

As a well-established local Realtor, Irina has worked extensively in developing a network of the best professionals in her sphere of outreach. Whether you need a VA loan or want to shop for the best rate with a Mortgage Broker, or you are looking for a home inspector, structural engineer or a qualified contractor, Irina holds all members of her support team to a high standard and would connect you with only the best.

For Irina, the goal is to consistently provide an incomparable client experience, turning first-time clients into long-time clients and friends!



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